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  Quanzhou xinyida precision machinery manufacturing co., LTD is located in the historic and cultural city of China, the starting point of the maritime silk road - quanzhou. Focus in the industry for 30 years in the early 1990 s, began selling a world-class brand sheet typesetting system, laying machine, automatic cutting system, including the United States, France, Germany, Japan, etc. I have accumulated a large number of customer experience and the most professional technology, and I know the long life.
  In 2009, the research and development from the starting point of the machine industry the most difficulty, edge, all play (knit), glue coating fabrics (woven) machine shop is the most difficult, research and development, high starting point, successfully launched the first needle shuttle amphibious machine.
  In 2012, after three years of development, the spreading machine developed into 15 kinds of products. It includes knitting, needle woven, coating adhesive, cylinder, cowboy, foam, rain gear, home textile, swimsuit, non-woven, children's car, luggage, seat and other special cloth machine. To be one of the most comprehensive suppliers of similar products.
  Yoda spread machine focuses on the difficulties in paving, provides customized services for customers, and provides solutions for changing and diversified needs.

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