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  1、After the installation and debugging of the equipment is completed, the free warranty period of one year is provided. In the free warranty period, party b shall provide free maintenance services and replace spare parts free of charge due to the failure caused by the quality of the contract equipment itself. (except vulnerable parts)
  2、the following happens to free warranty (wearing parts, not for the damage, error, voltage instability, etc.) shall not apply to the free warranty, provide maintenance services and charge the cost of maintenance and replacement of spare parts:
  3、Make a written or telephone call, and promise to conduct a service response (telephone, Internet or other) within 2 hours.
  4、Unable to solve the telephone communication, we promised to send technicians and operators to the site within 24 hours.
  5、Do not return regular phone calls, understand the usage, and guide maintenance and maintenance.
  6、Starting from the second year, the cost of parts materials and travel expenses shall be collected.