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A. Common fault treatment
Q1: can't boot?
Check whether the power supply is switched on, whether the power cord is off and whether the power switch on the panel is broken.
Q2: can't run automatically?
If the machine is not restored, if it is not, press "return zero" and then press "automatic" for a second, waiting for the machine to reset before running again.
Whether the cloth has the power to detect the fabric and whether the brake switch is reset.
Q3: the cutting knife cannot work?
The cutting knife insurance whether to jump out or burn out, the pressure line induction is in place.
Q4: the machine cannot go back to the origin?
Check whether the origin signal X4 is normal, if normal, turn the machine off, use your hand to push the machine to the origin block, and then go back to the origin.
Q5: there is no other action on the machine?
If the emergency stop is pressed, the spin will stop; Drive the alarm, power off a minute before electricity.