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The working principle of the cloth inspecting machine

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  The cloth inspection machine is the main equipment of grey cloth inspection.
  In order to improve the appearance of the fabric, and guarantee the quality of fabric, must through the finishing process for fabric inspection and classification, through inspecting machine check cloth defects, according to the prescribed scope, thereby dada improve the look of the cloth, improve the quality of the appearance of the fabric.
  The main work part of the cloth inspection machine is the inspection platform. In order to facilitate the inspection, the inspection table needs to be tilted at a certain Angle, and the inspected fabric shall pass through the inspection platform. The fabric self-guide roller is introduced and the guide roller reaches the inspection cloth. At this time, use the eye to detect the defect, and make the mark. Then, the fabric is guided by the roller and the bucket, by the drag of the roller to fall into the cart, the main rubber roller of the mop roller, the movement of the fabric depends on the mop roller, to increase the grip of the fabric. In order to bring back the tested fabric back to the reinspection, the machine is equipped with a reverse rotating device. The movement of the fabric is realized through the clutch in the gearbox.

  At present, the grey cloth inspection is used to replace the eye test with the photoelectric inspection. The photoelectric inspection effect is high, which does not affect the vision, and the accuracy of the inspection is stable and efficient. It mainly USES a light bulb or laser as a light source, and USES a semiconductor photoelectric cell as a receiver to replace the human eye to monitor the cloth. When a defect is found on the machine, the receiver sends out a signal and marks or controls the automatic stop on the cloth.